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Arabic language

Holy Quran

Islamic Studies

Our goal is to provide your child with all the necessary skills to embark on their journey into Islamic education. We aim to assist your child in taking their first steps towards learning the Arabic language and memorizing the Quran, In-Sha-Allah!

Our approach is centered on creating a small classroom environment which allows your child to receive the necessary attention from their teacher while also giving them the opportunity to build their confidence when speaking in front of others.

Our program covers three core subjects each week: the Quran, Islamic studies, and the Arabic language. The main goal is to help your child become fluent in reading, writing, and speaking Arabic and to start memorizing the Quran. In addition to our core subjects, we offer an activities class that helps reinforce the knowledge taught in our core classes through interactive games, stories, and other fun methods.

These activities will also help your child gain knowledge in Islam, including learning how to pray, duas, and other essential aspects.